4 Surprising Software Facts

GetData, an independent SaaS and SMB research program affiliated with leading software comparison site GetApp, has recently launched their new Market Intelligence Program which publishes new, primary research on an ongoing basis.

Below are a few interesting tidbits we wanted to share from their most recent research:

1. Security and ease of use are the most important factors businesses consider when looking at cloud software: http://lab.getapp.com/new-research-getdata-top-10-factors-considered-by-small-businesses-when-choosing-cloud-apps/

2. Over 86% of managers of small and medium-sized businesses think that their business software should have a mobile app, and more than 40% of of this majority think that its essential: http://lab.getapp.com/new-research-more-than-86-percent-of-business-managers-want-mobile-access-to-their-business-software/

3. Top reasons why developers don't test their software/website prior to launch: http://lab.getapp.com/35-percent-of-developers-dont-test/ 

4. Over 70 percent of students have had an idea for an app that could improve business but only 15 percent can actually afford to create it: http://lab.getapp.com/new-research-getdata-only-15-percent-of-students-with-business-app-idea-can-afford-to-create-it/



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