How to Drive Customers to Web Self-Service

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction through self-service customer support options. 

Many B2B organizations are still hestitant to make the switch to self-service options. Whether it's fear of alienating customers, or a reluctancy to change, the time has come to examine the benefits of self-service support for both companies and customers.

Customers actually prefer self-service, according to many studies and reports including Forrester's top trends in customer service. It provides fast answers, and eliminates the need to wait on hold when phoning support. But as with any factor of B2B customer support, there are best practices to follow in implementing self-service.

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  • What is self-service support, and how it saves money
  • How provide excellent customer support through self-service
  • How to promote self-serve options
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Self-Service for B2B Customer Support
Self-Service for B2B Customer Support

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