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GetApp is a popular listing site to compare various software options and read real user reviews. They recently announced a great new feature called GetGuide, and TeamSupport is happy to be one of the first companies to use it. 

Although it's impossible to show every feature in-depth in any demo, the TeamSupport GetGuide provides a fairly comprehensive walk-through of our customer support software and the many features included with it. Our dynamic CEO, Robert Johnson, participated in an interview with GetApp's resident business app expert Jimmy Flores and the result is a series of short videos demonstrating our app and its features. It's a great chance to show users and researchers what TeamSupport customer support software can do for them, and better understand what is the best app for their needs.


If you'd like to check it out, the full video series can be found on our listing here:


In SaaS every employee is involved in sales
In SaaS every employee is involved in sales

Managing customer service expectations
Managing customer service expectations

Customer expectations are directly tied to your customer support team's success.


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