Add some spring cleaning to your customer service!

Joanne Hathaway

Have you ever noticed that when you stop focusing on yourself life seems to roll along at a much easier pace? Customer Service works in a very similar way. When your team starts focusing outward, focusing on putting the customer first, the daily stresses seem less; customers seem happier and as a natural result, there are fewer problems. It’s such an easy fix, but so many times we suffer from focusing on our own issues and get so wrapped up in those that we lose sight of the ultimate goal: providing exceptional customer support.

That time of year is once again upon us. Easter and warming temperatures usher in another spring and the urge to clean is in the air. My personal urge is triggered more from the flowers, grasses and trees that are blooming and the need to dispense of as much of that dust and pollen as possible.

Take advantage of that urge by appropriating some spring cleaning at the office. Make an effort to honestly evaluate your help desk. Maybe send out a customer survey to get a feel for the level of customer service that your customers feel is being provided. Are they able to easily contact your help desk when they need to? Are there tools in place that can help the customer troubleshoot or solve their own problems?

Consider the customer input and try to take some action on those responses. We get stuck in ruts at work the same as we do in our personal lives. It is a good practice to take a moment now and then to reevaluate, regroup and if need be, make change. Restate goals and refocus your customer service team to put the customer first. The team will feel reinvigorated with a sense of purpose. Customers will notice and their interactions will be better. Your customer service and business will bloom.


TeamSupport is a an easy to use yet powerful helpdesk software complete with many self service tools and ticket automation.

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